Villa Settee Zurich

The structure is a two-floor building, has a basement floor. By placement of cascade surfaces the house underlined in the natural landscape

The home located near the Geneva Lake in the central part of the villas district.

2000sq/m , residential area350sq/m
Completion Date:
Bernhard Hnida

In the solutions of yard landscape, the main role played the complicated local relief. By employing the local landscape, we obtained the following platforms which are opening to the lake as an amphitheater. As improved forms are selected, the curved volumes, which are implemented with polished slabs and in some parts, emphasized lighting elements as well as the orientation signs for the car correct parking. In the exterior, solutions implement simple elements and large glass surfaces, which connect to the original landscape and the moderate interior.


basement cascade surfaces

home front cascade surfaces

home back side cascade surfaces

cascade surfaces with led lights

brown cascade surfaces

Architecture is a descipline that takes time and patince.  If one spnds enough yars witting complex novels one might be able, someday, to construct a respectable haiku.

Thom Mayne (1944-)

brown cascade surface lan view

Lan designs

brown cascade surface design walk way

brown cascade surface design walk way

cascade surface pool side

Out side sea view

Glass design

Fire arc design with marbles

out side brown cascade surface

wooden chairs design

pool marbles

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