Villa Bordeaux Yerevan

Villa is located in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

It's a 3-floor house made in the Mediterranean style. The mansard floor in combination with window frames, gable on a canopy, classic columns, and the rest elements gives the house a grand gracefulness, and the restraint of the style itself, the modesty of the architectural elements will not allow you to find excess in any element

Area is 2800 sq/m, residential area 650 sq/m
Completion Date:
Gurgen Hakobyan and Artvazd Tarkhanyan


Villa Bordeaux


Villa Bordeaux Front view


Villa Bordeaux font design


Villa night view


Villa Bordeaux night view closer look


Villa Bordeaux in sunlight


Villa Bordeaux front design


Villa front design


bordeaux construction design


Villa Bordeaux steps


Villa side view

I don't want to undress architecture. I want to enrich it and add layers to it. Basically like in a Gothic cathedral, where the ornament and the structure form an alliance.

Cecil Balmond (1943-)

 medianet villa design


medianet villa designs


villa designs


villa floor plan


villa designs


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