Villa Blevio Yerevan

This private house is the ideal environment for the people who are appreciating the beauty, quality, functionality, and comfort.

2000 m2, 2 × 210m platforms
Completion Date:
Gurgen Hakobyan

This private house built with features typical of French classicism, which impresses the reliability and simplicity of the environment ․ French balconies, carnivores, the rest of the decorative elements, and the cover stone completely create the symmetrical, polished and functional outer appearance of the house. Villa also has a space for summer rest with a swimming pool and a gorgeous garden.

French classicism villa

french balconies design villa

french architecture

french design architecture villa

I don't design nice buildings-I don't like them. I like architecture to have some raw, vital, earthy quality. You don't need to make concrete perfectly smooth or paint it or polish it. If you consider changes in the play of light on a building before it's built, you can vary the color and feel of concrete by daylight alone.

 -Zaha Hadid (1950-)

villa walk way

pool architecture


villa blue print

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