Bridge concept Uzbekistan

In one of the capitals of eastern countries, in the central part of the city,
it was proposed to submit a draft pedestrian bridge that crosses the river separating the city.
The length of the bridge is seventy meters. Width six meters. The bridge has a reinforced concrete structure

70m length, 6m width, 26m height
Completion date: 
Design Concept by Bernhard Hnida & Artavazd Tarkhanyan

 The ability to give detail to the meaning allowed the architect to design the bridge in such a way thanks to which the pedestrian crossing the bridge is able to notice its pointed form, a form which in many features symbolizes the architecture of Islamic states.

architect to design the bridge

bridge entry design

Trimble SX10 scanning by Artavazd Tarkhanyan

concept bridge entry

Trimble SX10 scanning by Artavazd Tarkhanyan


Architecture can't force people to connect, it can only plan the crossing points, remove barriers, and make the meeting places useful and attractive.

-Denise Scott Brown(1931-)


concept bridge walk way view

concept bridge night view

concept bridge long view

bridge lighting design

bridge lighting design side view

bridge design model

canal crossing bridge design

canal crossing bridge designs

canal crossing bridge design

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