Bedroom Interior Design

It's an open space design bedroom. It consists of a vestibule, hall, sleeping zone, living room, fireplace, and bar.

The entrance to the bedroom is going through the vestibule where is also located a door into a separate office. From the left and right of the bed is situated doors, leading to the wardrobe, and the bathroom accordingly.

145.6 sq/m, 14m length by 10.4m widths
Completion Date:
Design Concept by Zara Baghdasaryan

Complete modern mini bar with hidden refrigerator interior designing for home decor unique, compelling ideas for home designing

 Bedroom Interior Design

The most relaxing place in a house where we look forward to after a tiring day is called the bedroom or whatever you like to call it cubicle, bunker room, or chamber, as commonly known by these names. The bedroom portrays a sense of relaxation, and the only place you can be yourself. Designing a bedroom with a comfortable theme is crucial for a healthy lifestyle, and planning each architectural aspect of an elite modern bedroom to perfection is a task for experts.

We at [mn]architect have been laying out astonishing home architecture complete designs for all types of interiors and exteriors. We design perfect architectural designs from beginning to end, each step filled with industrial experts from plannings to renderings and finally designing, we deliver our doorstep services to high-end customers. From planning to furnishing the environment, each aspect is taken into careful considerations by our expert team of architects, engineers, and technical staff to offer complete freedom to people and render work in a stress-free environment.

Modern design bedroom bed interior designing and walls designing golden strips embedded wall side table luminous lamp

[mn] architect Bedroom Interior Design

[mn] architect bedroom interior design is an exemplary architectural prodigy, filled with modern classic theme design, a high end living luxurious environment, including each of the following in the Bedroom Interior Design:

  • A vestibule leading pathway to the bedroom from the base where at left side bathroom with wardrobe is located
  • On the right side of the entrance in the modern bed is placed, which is the sleeping zone.
  • On the opposite of the bed, there is a fireplace opening to the sitting area and the bedroom, simultaneously ensuring a cozy environment for the living area and the bedside.
  •  Modern sofa set in the fireplace and hall with the perfect luminous environment.
  • At the corner, a minibar with chairs and a small invisible refrigerator is hidden in the bar table.

This Private bedroom design contemplates luxury blended in modern classic designs. The wall adjacent to the backside of the bedroom is illuminated with warm-colored lightings and abstract art. Bed shape is the comfortable and contemporary curvy designed bed.

Bedroom interior design with granite luminous back wall modern classic interior design private house bedroom interior

Bedroom Interior Theme

[mn] architect brought some of the most luxurious and modern designs of the industry. The interior theme is made with the dominant bed with a fireplace, and the rest of the designs are revolving around the main theme concept. A suite shape bedroom for private houses in a complete shape lures enjoyment and comfort. The Interior bedroom theme consists of warm colors light with an ample amount of natural light in the living area.

Interior flooring design is made by parquet marble solution enhancing a modernized texture for floors themed with walls and furniture protruding an exceptional look for the whole bedroom.


Private house bedroom design fireplace living area bedroom interior designing with sofa set marble solution flooring

White and golden strips combination walls give a warm approach to the overall environment, with the bedside granite wall luminous with golden lights that make inhabitants enjoy intimate moments with more pleasure.

Modern classic grey-white walls around the whole bedroom give an exquisite look, advanced with a combination of sofa set furniture going down with the darker flooring makes the whole design thing of the future yet realistically keeping the classic aroma around the room in the form of classic lamps with mild warm lighting and golden stripes on the sidewalls of bed.

Bedroom interior design complete living area picture modern sofa set classic designing architectural beauty interior

I am deeply impressed with the designer of the universe; I am confident I couldn't have done anywhere near such a good job.

Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983)

Top view modern bedroom interior design with fireplace sofa set classic interior designing an advanced private house

Roof Architect Desing for Bedroom

The roof is following the whole concept of the bedroom room design private house. All places are felt with their own presence by making each element as a separate entity in the room. Bed area with its unique presence and the hanging chandelier on it gives you a sense of separateness while being present in the same place.


Interior decor designing living area modern table designs with fireplace bedroom design studio apartment  architecture

Same with the hall area, the minibar, and the living area, each of the composite elements ensures its own invisible boundaries by roof designs specifically designed for bedroom designs.

The chandelier hanging from the top makes each portion of the Bedroom Design as the center of attention. Each space with its own conceptual presence makes the place even more wanting than before.

Modern classic interior home design bedroom interior designing complete image studio designing modern houses

Interior home decoration architecture interior designing bedroom designs living area studio designs private house

Living area hall area bedroom design vestibule design complete architecture modern designs for private homes


Minibar Interior Bedroom

Another astonishing aspect of our private bedrooms is the minibar located right at the corner, a perfect place to hang out with people. Special attention to detail is given there to keep the cool of the bar design. Heightened chairs with granite marble tabletop and a darker theme at the corner with the back wall of the minibar as abstract marble art sophisticates the surroundings further. The hidden refrigerator cabinet with the marble covers gives a natural modern look to the place.

Minbar completes the whole bedroom chamber and the living area. Kept the modern classic theme in the minibar as well with the modern chairs and tabletop with discreet refrigeration 


Lighting modern curtains full view open view bedroom design for private house interior architect designs complete decor

Modern classic blend design interior home designing complete project bedroom interior design chandelier proximity design

Modern Classic Blend

We discussed earlier the modern classic blend in the architect bedroom interior design. It is visible by the classical lightings and the modern blend of luminous strip lights in the classic minibar with modern embarking chairs and tabletop. The classic fireplace blended with modern architecture design The classic living area composed of advanced settings. All these aspects, when combined, give an altruistic sense of appeal.

We [ mn ] architect will design the whole project and execute it to perfection. All designs are made by an expert team of professional architects and interior designers and executed by the technical branch to the level of perfection.

Mini Bar bedroom interior house minibar design modern bar table top granite design abstract minibar design

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